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Afternoon all. A packed programme today, so onwards and upwards:

If you watched yesterday's programme, you'll have seen the disturbing pictures taken outside a bar in Brentwood of a man being sprayed repeatedly in the face by police with CS gas despite already being handcuffed with his ankles bound together. His face was covered with blood. Rules on the use of CS spray state that it shouldn't be adminsistered from close quarters and should only be used when there is the threat of harm to officers; i.e. not when a suspect has already been detained. The man has been charged with assaulting a paramedic and being drunk and dissorderly, but the question of whether the police were heavy handed remains. Today, we hear from the 28 year old - Alan Lethbridge - who says he will be making an official complaint. Essex Police are already investigating.

Also on the programme, the remarkable efforts to help the families of soldiers killed in action by the bereaved mothers of three servicemen from our region. Rifleman Daniel Simpson from Croydon, Rifleman Daniel Hume from Slough and Private John Brackpool from Crawley died in Afghanistan and their mums have formed a charity to help other families whose loved ones don't return from combat. These incredible women have been telling Ronke Phillips how something really worthwhile has come out of their despair.

Now, Simon Harris has spent the past few days in New York with Boris Johnson who's been working to foster greater business and tourism links with the Big Apple. Today, the glad-handing comes to an end, but what has actually been achieved? - Not by Simon, by Boris.... Simon always achieves loads! So was the trip a vital next step in our recovery from recession, or a completely pointless jolly?! Simon will assess and report live for us.

And while the Mayor's been running up the Air Miles on his trip to promote London in New York, comedian Eddie Izzard's been running up the miles around Britain in aid of Sport Relief - eleven hundred of them to be exact. 43 marathons in 51 days is an astounding achievment for anyone, let alone a man who we're more used to seeing in high heels than trainers! He's just finished his epic journey and joins us live from Trafalgar Square, where I hope we've at least done him the courtesy of providing a chair!

More at six...oh, and you may remember yesterday I was telling you about my forgotten train ticket disaster? I remembered the ticket today, only to find that the train was cancelled. Joy!

Matt and Katie