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Loads to come on the programme tonight, but in a break from tradition, let's fast forward half way down today's running order to the subject on most people's lips today: England's performance last night. Woeful wasn't it? Out-played in all departments. I'm talking about the cricket, of course. England soundly beaten again by Australia in the one-day series and looking a shadow of the confident side that lifted the Ashes just weeks ago. England's footballers, meanwhile were awesome against Croatia at Wembley last night, beating them 5-1 to secure safe passage to next summer's World Cup in South Africa.

Tonight our attention turns to England's women who take on the might of Germany in the final of the European Championships in Finland. They're massive underdogs against a team they've never beaten, but where there's life there's Hope...Hope Powell to be specific. She's England's Lewisham-born coach who stands on the brink of greatness with an England team packed with London talent. Lewis Vaughan Jones is in Finland for us ahead of the game. Here's a question, though: How much do you think the players who make up the first England team to reach a major final since we won the World Cup in 1966 earn? Can't be bad money, can it, they're representing their country? Well, £16,000 a year is the answer. That's less than Rooney, Gerrard and co earn just by turning up for training each morning. I know the women's game is nowhere near as popular as the men's, but seriously....£16,000 a year? Can that be right? Maybe you think that's more than enough for kicking a ball around? Something to think about.

Spooling back up to the top of the show now and London is to have the world's largest trauma system. The city's to become home to four dedicated "trauma centres" -- each promising faster, more efficient treatment for the 1600 or so major trauma cases seen every year in the capital. It's hoped the centres will save hundreds of lives a year, but not everyone is happy about how they will be run. Campaign groups are worried services are becoming too centralised, spelling the end for some casualty units. Emma Walden has our top story.

Next, a really infuriating story for anyone who's ever had anything delayed or lost in the post. There are claims that up to 20 million undelivered items of mail are stranded in the capital's sorting offices because of the ongoing strike. Royal Mail refute the union's claims, saying there are between only four and five million items waiting to be delivered...well that's ok then, eh?! We have footage taken on a mobile phone that seems to illustrate the chaos. Simon Harris investigates.

Also tonight, Ben Scotchbrook's been cooking up a storm at the Park Lane Hotel. A group of military chefs have stormed the kitchen and have been attempting to prepare five-star dishes using only army rations. It's all in aid of charity, of course, with the 'Chefs for Heroes' hoping to raise over £300,000 for wounded servicemen and women. Ben has been lending his culinary skills!

Oh, and Robin's been let out of the studio and he's a man in search of answers! Tuesday was a scorcher, yesterday wasn't bad either. Indian summer or something more sinister? Robin's down at Kew finding out if the seasons, they are a-changin'.

See you at 6.

Matt and Lucy.