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Weather blog

Good evening,
I like dogs.
We got ours 3 years ago after a lengthy campaign by the children. They are a huge commitment requiring an enormous amount of exercise, but they keep us fit, get us out into the fresh air several times a day (I have never been more aware of the seasons & the weather) & on the whole are a very positive addition to the family. I say on the whole because there is the occasional blip -illness/injury/disobedience- but nothing compared to what some dog owners have to endure. I recently heard about someone whose dog killed a squirrel, ate a condom & then went missing for 4 hours all on the same walk.
Naturally I was on dog duty last night & can confirm that, as predicted, the Perseid meteor shower wasn't visible in our neck of the woods due to cloud cover. I was walking again early this morning in time to see things going to plan with cloud & rain moving off to make way for the drier, brighter conditions we've since been enjoying. I only hope that if ever I'm a victim of a triple whammy along the lines of the squirrel/condom/disappearance incident, it happens when the weather's been doing what I said it would & that I can draw comfort from that whilst trying to coerce a wayward hound into behaving respectably.
In the meantime I'm enjoying the safety of the newsroom & hope to see you later,