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Hello - it seems a long time since I wrote this blog so if I am a bit rusty, blame the hair-dye.
The Spencer Davis Group, magnificent in the 60s but somewhat faded since, penned a terrific song called "Gimme some loving" which commenced proceedings with the memorable -"My temperatures rising and my feet off the floor...."
That is how I feel today though not for reasons of romantic dance-floor frivolity.
I am a passionate supporter of the Royal British Legion and all they stand for - both my parents were in the services. Every November they would observe the Remembrance. Sometimes in the Albert Hall, often in a small rural village at a small memorial stone.
My fury is generated by the desecration of such a memorial in north London and, by the sounds of it, for the sake of scrap metal. Harris is on the case which will come as fearful news to the guilty parties.
Ronnie Biggs was certainly guilty of his part in the "Great" train robbery and was duly sentenced. Biggs took a different view and fled, this way and that, not least to Brazil and into the arms of a Brazilian beauty with whom he had a son, Michael. Slipper of the Yard finally brought him to justice, again. The current Justice Secretary, barely out of shorts at the time of the heist, has dithered this way and that over Biggs but finally, with the old lag at death's door, relented and let him slip peacefully into freedom en route to an imminent accounting with his Maker. Lo, the freed Biggs is suddenly well enough to slip into a nursing home... I am not naturally cynical but you have to ask... well, you don't , because Phil and Marcus will, on your behalf. Suffice to say they have already found a good deal of anger up Barnet way and it's only tea time.
From the days of Metternich and Canning to the glory era of Lord Halifax (actually he was rubbish) and Churchill, international law has protected the rights of diplomats so they don't have to suffer the indignities heaped upon European "jaw-jaw" merchants during the Boxer uprising in Imperial Peking. Their Embassy becomes their soil, and their laws hold writ. This was to effect proper diplomatic relations between law abiding nations, not to allow a bunch of "chiselling little cheats" (Ken's words, not mine) to evade the Congestion Charge. A few bob and we'd probably turn a diplomatic blind eye but £3.4 million is enough to have an impact on our transport system. Glen asks the Yanks why they are over here, over-parked and over-evading....
Also evading their duty are the bosses of Abercrombie and Fitch - frightfully fashionable and frighteningly non-PC on disability. Lewis, our fashion icon of the Valleys explains and talks to a beautiful woman who felt badly done by and won her case.
Little Boots is in the studio. Not "Little Boots ARE in the studio" because the aforementioned modesty of footwear is a new star of "electro pop" ... I am told. I have heard of her but not of "electro pop". I look forward to having my mind, experiences and attitude to footwear all broadened.
Also in the studio is Lucy to which I say "hurrah!" She is co-presenting the show all this week which is great for us but bad news for anyone doing the "red-carpet" thing this week because, as Carly Simon sang "Nobody does it better".
So long as she doesn't sing "You're so vain" to me... [enough Carly Simon (Ed)]

We look forward to seeing you at six.

Alastair and Lucy.