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Good Afternoon on this lovely sunny day,
Oh well actually it's very grey and extremely dull out there isn't it. I for one think we've been robbed. Just a few weeks ago we were being promised a 'BBQ summer'. I had visions of sitting out on my now lovely, although very small patio, glass of wine in hand, olives to the ready - taking in some rays. However after only a couple of weeks of, admittedly glorious sunshine - we are back to grey skies and overcast weather. So what has gone wrong?

Have all the weather men and women been lying to us? Well we have our very own weather expert Chrissie is on the case with all the answers.
If the weather hasn't made you angry enough then our next story will. Stan Thorn is in his 80's, he fought in the 2nd world War and probably thought the worst was now over. However he's been robbed by those closest to him twice in the last year - Ronke has been to meet him.
Sangetta has been out talking to pregnant ladies in South London (although in some ways she could have stayed in the office as I think every other woman on our team is expecting!!). The local NHS trust there has cancelled NCT classes because of sine flu and the risks it poses to pregnant ladies - however not everyone agrees this is a good idea.

Simon Harris has got the job of the day - he's been up in a helicopter looking at the first section of the new East London overground Line which will be up and running next month.
Yes I hear you all rejoice - better transport links, however as always there is a 'but' - I'll let him explain.

Next up a really inspirational little girl. 11 year old Annalise Cabrera was diagnosed with leukaemia a couple of years ago but really has an amazing attitude to her condition.

She's won a writing competition with a story comprising of just 6 words (inspired by the famous one by Ernest Hemingway 'For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn) about what she's been through - Liz has been to congratulate her.

And finally - the one the gentlemen in our audience have all been waiting for.
Naked Ladies.....well not quite but nearly!! Calendar Girls is the brilliant story of a group of WI ladies who stripped for a charity calendar. That story is now being told on the West End and we have two of the leading ladies in the studio - June Brown and Jerry Hall - Alastair is very excited (as am I!!)

That's all to come at six - try and stay dry till then!
Lucy and Alastair
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