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I'm getting sick and tired of writing about the weather !! One minute it was chucking it down with rain - so much so that Channel 4's studio flooded and they had to do the bulletin from the newsroom! - and now it's hot and sunny and I've had to put my glasses on. That is also to do with the fact that I had to have a drink at a leaving do last night - wouldn't normally on a school night but I did.

Alastair has just introduced me to the fine dining in Andrews Caff - sausage, egg, chips and beans for me, double egg and chips for him. It made me feel better for a while but now I have a headache - he has one too but not because of booze, he thinks it might have been the egg. Either way I've sent him off with two nurofen so I'm sure we'll both be fine for the show.

No bacon for lunch but plenty of pig on the menu tonight. The swine flu has infected 100,000 more people in the last week - more than 800 are seriously ill and as the capital we have the most people with the most cases. There's now a website and a hotline for people who think they've got it to check their symptoms and get their tamiflu prescription. But it's only just gone live and there are still loads of people heading for A & E causing, what Al says is friction on the front-line. Jon Gilbert's been sent to hospital to talk to staff about what they're having to deal with.

Then we've the masked man who gunned down a football coach in front of his players - Lewis Vaughan Jones is speaking to the victim's girlfriend as police try and work out why he was targeted.

Then the good news - the power's back on in south east London, our water bills are going down and Amy Winehouse is looking healthier. She's in court after a bust up at a charity bash - Nick Thatcher's there and will tell us what's been said.

We've also got the song for Gary McKinnon - pop stars are getting together to do a single in support of the computer hacker - they're hoping Barrack will change his mind and stop him being extradited to the States.

That's not all - Quentin Tarantino's talking to Lucy about Brad Pitt (mmmmmm) and his rudely named new movie, Simon's been to meet a fast running man who's about to face the lightning bolt that is Usain on the track. And - the interview I can't wait to see but will have to 'cos it's at the end of the show - is Katie Price! Jordan's talking to Piers about all the stuff - mostly her book and also horse riding at the Olympics. less about the Andre and more about the

I've just said the word Chocolate to Al - and have proof the way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach. He dribbled visibly at the prospect so I am off to cake shop to get the naughtiest cake I can find to top off a truly naughty day.

See you at 6 hopefully without telltale chocolate smudges on our faces - but I can't promise!

Alex & Alastair.
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