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The weather just can't make up its mind can it? Neither can I - am I wearing summer frocks or wellies!? Either way I have blisters and no umberella so am not a very happy - or dry - bunny.

Could be worse - at least the lights and - more importantly - the TV are on at home. Some of you lot are going to miss the show tonight! The lights - and tvs - have gone off in Bexleyheath after some idiot messed with some cables. EDF haven't managed to sort it out yet - it's been off since yesterday! Maybe they'll fix it by the time the show goes out - maybe not.. Glen's gone to find out.

After that we're looking into wardens or the lack of them in one borough - with London's elderly population hanging around for longer surely we need more people to watch out for them in sheltered accomodation - not less. Blindingly obvious - but not the case. Phil Bayles is asking why?

The old folk might not have enough people keeping an eye on them - but kids - and teachers - in one school have perhaps too many eyes watching over them. They've got nearly 100 cctv cameras pointed at them - big brother or just the ticket? Marcus Powell will tell us.

The swine flu school kids in China have been let out - all except one who is in quarantine - apparently he's passing the time eating mcDonalds and watching DVDs - but I'm sure he'd still rather be with his mates who are now continuing their holiday in the Far East - Ronke's been to speak to some of their parents about the whole ordeal.

We've got Linford Christie's daughter, who's celebrated long into the night after winning Miss England. She'll tell us if the crown - and the chance to compete in Miss World - could ever mean more than an Olympic medal.

And last but not least - Brian Conley - he's here to talk about dressing up as a woman.

Can't wait.

See you at 6 - if you've got the power and tv on at yours.

Alex & Ben
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