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Tonight - after doing his best Michael Jackson turn - well Moonwalk but you know what I mean - Lewis will be starring as James Bond. He's getting properly suited and booted to drive a Bond car worth 100 grand - it's clearly been a tough week for our Welsh wonder - hope he's insured.

Speaking of Wales - not on the show - but on my telly - The Ashes. I am torn between supporting the Aussies as I grew up there and England - as I was born here. Is it terrible of me to just wait and see who's winning before declaring my support..? Probably yes, but it's more fun that way. It's a good way to wind up Neil - programme editor - who's off to Wales to watch tomorrow. Don't ask me why it's being held there - I don't get it either but Ricky Ponting's probably right - there'll be more support for Oz than the Poms for sure! (No chance - ed.)

On to more stars of the show and Nick Wallis - who is leaving us later this month to present the breakfast show on BBC Surrey - huge congrats to him! But, for now he is with us and has just been to meet Florence and the Machine. Which is not anything to do with machinery as such - more to do with a London lovely whose album's tipped to knock even Jacko off the top. You've probably seen the posters for her album on the underground - it's the one with the girl with lungs showing under her dress. Eye-catching indeed - and the music's apparently great too. Nick reckons she's a star so we shall all see later.

I am working my way from the bottom of the show to the top tonight just for the "down under up over" effect of the Ashes - you see. So before the first part Phil Bayles has been to meet some sisters who didn't know each other - hadn't spoken for 30 years - but found out they both worked for Waitrose and are now back in touch. Love that kind of thing. Before that Damien's at the Barbican and Sangeeta's with a very brave pensioner.

In the first part of tonight's show we'll tell you about the honey trap killers who lured a 16 year old to his death - his only crime - falling in love with the wrong girl. We've also a 20 thousand pound appeal for the killers of a man shot at random in a south London park.

We're also going round in circles - as that's what the M25 does when it's actually moving. No wait - that's what drivers do on the M25 when it's flowing freely - when's that again? Anyway - it's getting wider near the M40 so Simon's been chucked in a chopper to check on progress. We'll be after your opinions on this - is it money well spent making the car park wider?

Must go - there is chocolate cake on a nearby desk - in honour of Rachel Millichip's last day before she heads off to produce a Mini Milli - with my name on it!

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.