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Weather blog

Good evening,
The morning walk from the station to work is a pleasure. Especially in fine weather. It's good exercise & also a great chance for a spot of people watching.
This morning my eye was caught by a woman who, in a sea of people in T shirts & shorts, was wearing a long dress & holding an umbrella aloft. Naturally I made no judgment, in the same way that, a couple of months ago, I didn't judge the man I saw jogging backwards in the cycle lane into oncoming traffic. I did, however, study this woman from a distance & came to realise that, in direct contrast to all those around her, she was in fact perfectly dressed for a heatwave: completely covered up & carrying not -as I had originally thought- an umbrella but a parasol. An inspired idea. She was as cool as a cucumber & a million miles away from collapsing through heat exhaustion.
With daytime temperatures set to stay at around 30C for much of the week & the nights promising to be muggy & airless, we'd all do well to take a leaf out of her book as life could be pretty uncomfortable in the immediate future. And if I was in anyway an enterprising person I'd be setting up an on-line parasol business between bulletins & laughing all the way to the bank....
Hope to see you later,