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Weather blog

Good evening,

Summer's here & as a result I'm spending much more time at the vet's.

At this time of year it's anything from adder bites through to yesterday's grass seed incident. Our most hapless dog badly scratched his cornea when bolting through meadows in pointless pursuit of a magpie, hence the most recent appointment. He's a useless patient but luckily our vet understands the stress of the examination table & the indignity of the anal thermometer, so consultations generally take place on the floor with the patient cowering & shaking while the vet soothes with gentle talk & a soft touch. The sting in the tail is that we pay through for the nose for a watery eye & wouldn't for a moment consider doing the same for ourselves. Make of that what you will....

In the meantime the weather's holding well with only a few showers this week before a fine weekend, so I'm staying positive.

Hope you are too.

See you later,