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Good evening,

I'm making elderflower cordial this year. A drink that sums up sunny days, balmy evenings & summertime better than any other. No sooner were the elderflowers harvested (not exactly under fire in Helmand province, but a rickety stepladder in a hedge on the banks of a stream is not without risk) than the weather went belly up. Hurtling backwards -at speed- from flaming June to April showers which look set to be with us for the next few days. Time for me to adopt one of my subtle disguises in a bid to avoid the taunts of those who'll be at weddings/playing cricket/attending the village fete this weekend in sou'westers & anoraks. The memory of the recent beautiful weather should be a comfort however it will probably only sharpen our disappointment at the current shabby conditions, but let our glasses be half full (I sense a theme emerging here); it was warm before & therefore it may well be again. A return to sweaty bus journeys & sunburn is eminently possible & in the meantime I will attempt to devise a recipe for an elderflower cordial hot toddy....

See you later,

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