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Never a dull day ladies and gents. It's been all go since I got in so I'm currently trying to eat salad and type. It's becoming clear the one thing that's not going to be all go, or even a little bit go is the tube. I'm making a mess on the desk with my salad now.

As far as we can tell tonight's journey home is going to be a mess too, no matter what. Talks are still going on to try to avert the strike but even if they do all agree to new pay deals and promises about job cuts the Tube's been wound down to a point where it's apparently impossible to get it all up and running again at a moment's notice. So Ben's being dispatched to Embankment Tube where, no doubt many of you will be heading to try to get home before the 7pm switch off. He's going to talk to Boris too - who, it turns out promised to stop Tube strikes as part of his manifesto. See what he has to say about that. Bozza's been tweeting today about the strike. He's said there are going to be more buses and river boats and we can all get on our bikes of course like him so maybe we shouldn't run around like headless chickens and perhaps they shouldn't give into the union's demands. What do you reckon - can we cope without the tube? It'll be interesting to see if we can all go overground instead of underground and still be wombling free.

Anyhow, Phil's not free - he's been sent to Euston which is basically where the talks are going on to keep abreast of any developments. I'm not free either - I'll be in the studio to bring you the rest of the news. Actually - think there might be a few more of you watching tonight if you've all made it home before the Tube's shut down. There's one good thing about the strike anyway!

We won't worry about how we all get back in tomorrow just yet...let's move on then...

Other than the brakes being put on the Tube, we've got the super-hacker trying to fight his extradition to the States, Nick Griffin being pelted with eggs, Chrissie on a boat on the Thames and Lucy with Peter Pan.

Works for me even if the Tube won't.

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.