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I've got more history homework to do today - this time it's about Postman's Park. Postman Pat - this I know about, Postman's Knock, yes, but not Postman's Park.

Google to the rescue. Well, Wikipedia to be honest. Right kids, so history of Postman's Park is basically - it's a memorial garden between King Street, Little Britain (no, not the show!) and Angel Street. It's called Postman's Park - not because postman eat their lunch there, although some probably do - but to honour the postmen who work in the sorting office nearby. There are a load of tiles (47 actually) - made by Royal Doulton no less - honouring people who've done stuff like saved kids from fires. One of those is Alice Ayers. If you've seen Closer (the play or movie starring the lovely Jude Law and the more lovely Clive Owen and some chicks called Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman) you'll recognise the name. Natalie's character takes that name as her pseudonym while working as a stripper. The park features in the movie too. It also features on our show tonight as Phil Bayles has been to explore so we'll all get a little glimpse later and more history too so I shan't spoil any more.

Sticking with movies and we've got not one, but two Hollywood stars on tonight. Not Jude and Clive but Dustin and Emma (that's Hoffman and Thompson). They're on the red carpet (which could be blue or green as the mood of planners dictates) and Lucy's there to catch up with them. Looks like a good movie - I've googled that too, need a movie to see tomorrow night and am trying to avoid being dragged to hell (thanks to Sam Raimi's scary new flick). Unfortunately, Last Chance Harvey (the movie with Dustin and Emma in) isn't out til Friday so I may end up in hell. But, reviews say you'll like Harvey if you liked Under The Tuscan Sun, Stranger Than Fiction and A Good Year. Well, as the last one (good year with Russell of the Crowe) is one of my favourites I will try to catch it next week. Until then I shall probably end up with my hand clamped over my eyes watching horror movies through my fingers.

Before that we've got the latest from Laos. Remember Samantha Orobator. She's finally had her day in court facing charges of smuggling heroin. She was in danger of being executed - but as she's pregnant she's been given life. Her family and friends are relieved and are now hoping she can serve her sentence here. Tamsin Roberts has the details on all that.

Then we pose the question - should the MMR vaccine be compulsory? That's what health officials in London want - apparently we have the lowest rates when it comes to protecting our kids against measles, mumps and rubella. They want kids to have the vaccine and prove it before being allowed into our schools. But what will parents make of that? After the worrying links to autism scared loads of mums and dads off the jab it's taking a while to get them used to the idea again. Not sure if forcing them to do it is the way forward though. Daisy Gray's been to see why health bosses think it is and what parents reckon. You'll get to have your say on this later too.

We've also got Bozza - he's been caught up in the expenses scandal, it was only a matter of time really. He's been exposed by the paper he writes for - The Telegraph - for claiming cash for a remembrance wreath as well as the full allowance for his second home in Henley. Simon Harris has heard his defence and will tell us about that.

There's also some touching news about kids heading for Harvard. They've been given the opportunity that Stephen Lawrence wasn't, thanks to his memory. Damien Steward explains that.

Hopefully that will please headmaster Stewart - who has disappeared to talk Elections - and you.

See you later then,

Alex & Alastair.