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Weather blog

Good evening,

'There's a lot of uncertainty about Monday'. Words no weather presenter wants to hear as a Bank Holiday weekend begins.

There's a deep area of low pressure across Northern Europe where it's very warm & this will be lobbing showers in our direction over the next few days. During Saturday & Sunday the showers will probably fall just short of the South coast but on Monday we may well not be so lucky, so it's a case of staying tuned.

As it currently stands you'd be best advised to squeeze picnics, barbecues, walks & cycle rides into the next 48 hours & plan a cinema trip for Monday, or at the very least have your waterproofs with you.

If work is going to prevent you from enjoying the good weather don't despair because I too will be at the office, staring longingly at the sun through hermetically sealed windows & only getting out into the air en route to the sandwich shop. Punishment perhaps for being unable to guarantee perfect weather until Tuesday morning....

See you later, I hope, when I'll be at Kew Gardens who are celebrating their 250th. anniversary this year.