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Good evening,

There's nothing like a broken appliance for sorting out the wheat from the chaff. The office dishwasher has recently been out of service for a fortnight & it's been interesting to watch the standards of kitchen cleanliness gradually deteriorate during that time. For the first couple of days things didn't look too bad but then it all nosedived. It started with a handful of unwashed mugs & quickly became a train wreck of abandoned crockery, spillages & overflowing waste bins. Some people were able to ignore the horror, some seemed unaware of it & some (the minority) snapped, complaining loudly at an epidemic of such slovenliness. Luckily the repair man worked his magic moments before it turned really ugly.

I'm rather sad it's all been resolved as my colleagues have returned to venting their frustration by moaning at me about the weather -the strong winds, the showers etc.etc.- & are no longer preoccupied by the student digs style kitchen area. As we inch towards another Bank Holiday weekend the meteorological stakes get higher & higher (currently there's the promise of it staying dry & cloudy) but if things don't look substantially perkier over the next couple of days I may well indulge in a spot of domestic sabotage in a bid to shift the focus once again....

See you later,