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Weather blog

Good evening,

My neighbour, Joan, was delighted with yesterday's weather. Monday is wash day in her house & she was able to do "four full loads & get them all breeze dried before teatime".

Having worked over the weekend I had the day off & decided to tackle the garden which is a riot of apple, cherry & lilac blossom. Riot is a carefully chosen word given that much of the blossom was travelling horizontally in the strong easterly winds, with the net result that the trees are now looking rather denuded. I can't in all honesty claim that my efforts at gardening have improved things greatly either....

The weather's pretty shabby for the next few days; cloud & rain being the staple ingredients. So if, like Joan, you like to 'peg out' I'm afraid you've missed your chance.

ITV London bulletins, however, will be unaffected weather conditions so I hope we'll see you later.