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I am absolutely boiling! Remember Tuesday - it was raining and felt like winter again, right? Well, I had on black suit trousers, fairly sensible shoes (for me anyway) and purple jacket. We interviewed Simple Minds but it didn't go out on the show - we decided to save it for you for today. So I've put on the same outfit - not to trick you into thinking they were here today - but just so it looks neater. Well, I'm sorry I did 'cos Al's not wearing a tie today - Friday and all that - so is clearly wearing different clothes and now I look like I've just run out of things to wear. Al agrees and mostly giggled at me. He's off seeing his bank manager now so I shall giggle at him in his absence. He can be smug with his open neck shirt but if I get stinky and sweaty he's the one who has to sit next to me!

He has no choice in this - like many of you have no real choice in where your kids go to school. As far as I understand this school system thing - you live in a catchment area, you chose your schools from the ones in the area and cross your fingers your little ones get into your first choice. I think there are ways you can increase your chances - but lying about where you live may be pushing it too far. One Mum's accused of doing that to get her child into Pinner Park First School - which boss with two little ones assures us is a good one. Glen Goodman - who I'm sure has already put the names of his week old twins on the list of a fab school - is well placed to find out facts and answer questions.

Answering questions is what businessman Ian Griffin is going to have to do. He's disappeared after his girlfriend Kinga Legg - who ran a tomato exporting business in Oxshott - was found beaten to death in their flash hotel in Paris. Details about the couple and how he disappeared in a Porsche all sound very glamorous and much like a script from a thriller. We're intrigued - as are the police who are still searching for Griffin - but for Kinga's family I'm sure the story is just tragic and heartbreaking.

So, we move on to the football. It's not tragic but I'm sure many Blues fans will be sad to see Guus Hiddink go - it's his last game tomorrow - Chelsea are playing Everton in the FA Cup final. Lewis is at Wembley a day early to tell us all.

Then James King's going to tell us about the movies out this week. Just watched the clips - Fireflies in the Garden looks great - Julia Roberts, Willem Defoe and Ryan Reynolds - slightly depressing for a sunny weekend perhaps. Then there's Drag Me To Hell which look ridiculously scary. It's Sam Raimi's foray back into horror flicks and I'm told it's v good. Look forward to hearing what James thinks - he loves a good scare.

Then there's our interview with Simple Minds - the outfit ruining interview which is actually a really good chat with Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill who are both great fun. So I shall put aside my outfit stress and look forward to playing spot the difference with my hair and earrings whilst reliving our chat. Easily pleased.

We shall aim to please at 6. See you then

Alex & Alastair - who has still not returned from bank manager chats - oh dear.