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It's me again. It was going to be Al - but he's just said a rude (well 3 rudes to be precise) and has left the building with laptop (source of said rudes) under his arm heading for PC World. He will be back I'm sure - but not via the Apple store. Dan and Faye both suggested this and were told even though he has loved them dearly in the past they now "resembled excrement on a very expensive carpet". Oh dear.

He's already been hard at work today for the show - interviewing Sir Paul Stephenson about his new life as the Met Police Commissioner. He told Al he wants bobbies on the beat on their own... Not sure that sounds like a safe idea to me... Find out what Sir Paul's got to say about this, and why he was left a little red-faced after a dawn raid this morning...

Before all that though there's a burning bus - not just any old bus - this one's a school bus - and it had kids on it. They're ok (they all got off safely and have filmed the blaze for us) but their parents had been worried about said bus for some time, and didn't want the little ones on it anyway. They've staged a sit-in - Harris was there to see it - so you can too.

Amy Winehouse has been in court - looking her usual self - full of the joys of spring she was. She turned out in a lovely summery frock and beehive to deny assaulting a fan at a charity bash.

And then we've got the continuing story of Daniel De Gale's family. As you all know we tracked his amazing battles during his life, and continue to follow his amazing family as they work tirelessly to save others after his death. Ben's down at the first Daniel De Gale Blood Donation day today and will be live from there.

There's also a look at Southend Pier - but I can't go into detail as this is really, really late already.

You'll see at 6 anyway.

Oh and Al's back - and Dan's offered me a bite of his Yorkie.

It's all too much.

See you then.

Alex & Alastair.