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Tuesday 3rd Feb


I have to admit it - I love snow! Waking up yesterday I was like a kid on Christmas morning - I've never seen so much snow here - and it turns out I'm not the only one.

I was due in the office though...after a slight panic about lack of trains/tubes/buses I was kindly offered a lift. Think it was the quickest I've ever made it to work, even going 20 miles an hour. The roads were blissfully empty and the views along the Thames spectacular. Getting home was a slightly skiddy taxi ride - but, all in all, no drama for me.

Slightly more complicated today - heels were clearly not the right choice of footwear - bear with me, I'm new at this snow thing. I had to head home after a couple of very close calls and track down some flat boots - another things I'm new at - btw Uggs aren't good in the snow either. Anyway, I managed to stay upright, grabbed a train from Clapham Junction and a bus from Waterloo without ending up on my bum once and made record time again. So what's the problem!?

Well, my story's not gone down too well here. Al's been stranded. After making it in yesterday he had to hole up in a hotel to be here today and as there are no trains running to his neck of the woods I imagine he'll be doing another spot of sock washing in the sink tonight.

Robin's here - but he had to abandon his car and plans to get to work yesterday. After attempting to bring us the weather - he found himself a victim of it and spent 3 hours getting here today - that's commitment to the cause.

Even though we're all here - I know plenty of you are still stranded or suffered another hellish journey in. Glen Goodman's been checking on how the Capital's coping on day two of the snow slow-go.

So, clearly - I'm one of the lucky ones and will stop asking what everyone is whinging about before karma sees me slide down the road on my backside on the way home tonight.

Other lucky ones include all the kids who go to school in Surrey - another day of snowman building and snowball fights! Not so lucky - their parents...just what do you do with the little poppets if you work? As the Big Ed points out 15 years ago 25 per cent of parents both worked - now it's 70 per cent. Nick Wallis has been finding out what the kids are getting up to and why Surrey County Council decided to shut all their schools rather than let headteachers decide.

We've also been checking out what the rest of the world's been making of our snow melt down - I got an evil look from Al when Big Ed mentioned the Aussie coverage - not my fault! Apparently the American's have found it funny too...

As if that's not enough we've also got the legendary playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn and his leading lady Janie Dee in the studio. There's also some brilliant footage of some snowy japes on Hampstead Heath yesterday - see if you agree it's what we should have all done to clear up the snow on the streets of London - with Boris on top!

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.