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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 7th January 2009

Hello, Good Afternoon and Welcome to... London Tonight... tonight.

I don't know if you saw yesterday's programme where we interviewed the actor Michael Sheen about his role as David Frost in the new film 'Frost/Nixon'. Well, in the movie (I'm telling you now - it's a belter) Frost says that he never used to say 'Hello, Good Evening and Welcome...'. Apparently, he maintains it was attributed to him by impressionists of the day (much like Michael Caine apparently never said 'And not a lot of people know that' and, indeed, the Childcatcher never said 'I smell children'.) Anyway, Frostie, or Sir Frostie, as he now calls himself does now say 'Hello, Good Evening and Welcome...' I suppose if it worked for Mike Yarwood...

Now, this evening's programme will see another star of stage and screen in the studio. Oscar nominated, BAFTA winning, Sarah Miles will be in the house talking about her return to the West End stage. In her time, she has worked with some of THE biggest names in the business. Should be interesting then.

I'll let you decided whether you think that more or less interesting than our report on Daniel Craig's latest movie. It's set in the Second World War about a group of Jews hiding from the Nazis. It's already getting great reviews - and it's a true story. We know that because we'll hear from one of those who was there. He survived, now lives in London, and will tell us his extraordinary story.

The programme begins with a problem that is as dangerous as it is topical. The cold snap (make that, the very cold snap) has seen a lot of our ponds, lakes, and canals freezing over and some people have been venturing out on to the ice. To see what it's like. Taking their pets sometimes. Even their children. Well, there are those who've been pointing out - 'that way trouble lies'. And possibly even worse. We'll look at that this evening.

We'll also look at the problems on the trains going in and out of Euston. Or rather the trains that should be going in and out of Euston. It's not been a great week for the Euston-using commuters' return to work. We'll hear from one or two of them.

We'll also hear from the parents of Finlay Woods who died when a car mounted the curb and crushed him in his pushchair. He was just 15 months old. The driver was drunk and apparently on the way to hospital after a failed suicide attempt. Not much to be said about that really, the facts tell the story.

If you've been watching the programme this week, you'll have seen the first two parts of Mark Jordan's extraordinary series on dog-fighting in the capital. Tonight we hear about what happens to the dogs handed over to animal rescue centres. Trained for fighting, they have to be 'reconditioned' - but even then, finding these animals a home can be terribly difficult.

Gosh - a bit of a sombre note to end this on - but there's smooth as well as rough in tonight's programme.

It begins at SIX.

Ben & Alex