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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 21st January 2009


The one place you should feel safe as a woman in London is in the back of a black cab, right? I know whenever I go out I always get reminded to make sure I black cab it home - but hearing about the allegations from 14 women in the capital, it's definitely put me on a warning.

A cabbie's going on trial today accused of drugging his passengers and sexually assaulting them - the women say he claimed to have won the lottery and then gave them champagne laced with drugs to celebrate. He denies it. Tamsin Roberts reports on what's happened so far...

Also tonight we're talking London 2012 - and unfortunately I don't think you'll be shocked to hear it's all about funding for our Games. The big bods have been meeting today and we're told they need more cash. We'll be filling you in on all the details - which have yet to trickle down to us. But, it does seem they need more money and it does seem the pot they've put aside is scarily close to being empty already - just 3 and a half years left... Oh dear. Boris will be on hand to tell us how he's feeling about the Games and just how he's going to keep looking after our interests - and our cash. Quite a conundrum!

Next, Lucy Long's story's already in danger of bringing me to tears - the little poppet has been battling leukemia since she was 2 - but her two sisters have been determined not to let her go it alone. Lucy's now 8 and after chemo, recovery and a relapse her big sis - who's just 12 - stepped in to donate the bone marrow that now sees her back at school. Because of the chemo, Lucy probably won't be able to have kids of her own - so her other big sis - who's 11 - says she'll donate eggs later in life so she can.

I know you'll agree they really are just the most inspiring family - I'm feeling this one especially tonight as I've just been to visit my family for my Granddad's funeral - I got to see my two little cousins who are 8 and 10 and the product of donated eggs after we found my Aunty couldn't have children either. Their gorgeous faces got us through yesterday and they wouldn't be around if it weren't for family all getting together and making sacrifices for each other.

Also tonight - Tom Cruise's new movie - but no Tom Cruise... Apparently we may well catch sight of him talking to the crowd in Leicester Square tonight but he won't be talking to our Lucy. Don't worry...she hasn't offended him and Katie hasn't banned him from talking to gorgeous female reporters - he's just scared she might water pistol him! Well, not quite true, but after the time the squirt - sorry Tom - got squirted he doesn't do red carpet interviews anymore. He didn't even talk to Lucy in a safe (ish) hotel room about Valkyrie... But never fear - Eddie Izzard and Bill Nighy did! Al's more than happy with this outcome - as am I - so we'll see what they have to say about the flick, and we'll play "Where's Wally" with Tom later.

We've also got more tips to beat the credit crunchiness and a lovely walk round Myddleton Gardens in the sunshine to help you feel like Spring is in the air.

See you at 6.

Alex and Al.