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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 15th January 2009

Good Afternoon one and all.

So, we now know. The Government thinks Heathrow should get its third runway, that Britain's economy would suffer without it, and that this argument should take precedence above all others.

Not everyone agrees, of course, but at least all those in the 'nay' lobby now know what they're facing. Not that voting lobbies will come into it - as the Prime Minister said yesterday it's up to the planning authorities.

So even if local Labour MPs oppose the idea, they'll never get to show their true colours in a House of Commons division. The Conservative Party, meanwhile, say they'll kick the expansion plans into the long grass if they get into power.... which could give loyal Labour supporters in Sipson something to chew on come the next General Election.

Let's face it, there's lots for all of us to chew on when it comes to Heathrow. The environmental argument clearly has some weight... but when the country's economy is slipping down a very steep hill, the business argument can't be ignored either.

We'll set out as many of the arguments as we can in the programme this evening, before asking you where you stand as the 'yay' and 'nay' sides prepare for war.

Speaking of wars, the Cold War warmed through years ago and Russia is hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest. So why has the idea of a former KGB agent taking ownership of something as 'London' as the Evening Standard got people so het up? Not that it'll make a difference. Alexander Lebedev says he wants it. He has, after all, got billions to spend on anything he likes. Lucky Alex.

Next: a little girl called Poppy shouldn't really have come into the world when she did. All things being equal, she'd have stayed in the safety of her mother's womb for another 16 weeks. But, not all things are equal and she arrived very prematurely. Born in Norwich she was recently moved to Great Ormond Street, the hospital internationally renowned for its treatment of sick children. This time, however, something went horribly wrong with her medication, doctors say her chances of surviving are now 'poor'. Spare a thought for Poppy's family. Spare a thought too, for whoever is ultimately responsible.

On a much happier note. Lots of notes actually... 'Oliver' has finally opened at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the reviews are as wonderful as the songs. Rowan Atkinson wows as 'Fagin' so I'm told. Jodie Prenger (she of 'I'd Do Anything' fame) is 'brilliant' as Nancy. (I'm particularly pleased about this because not only have I got tickets to see the show, the Scotchbrook family voted for Jodie more than once.) Anyway, don't take my word for it. Take Lucy's. She saw it last night and she'll tell all tonight.

So, once again, a full and varied news agenda in, and around, the capital...

We round it all up for you at SIX.

Ben & Alex.