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Good afternoon.
"Just get on the bumper of an Olympic car and, game on!" was Ken's response to our top story. Ken, a life-long West Ham fan and thus an expert in dealing with adversity is in charge today and we are leading on the publication of the map which shows which roads and lanes will be awarded "clearway" status by the 2012 Olympic lot. His Mr Toad outburst caused a titter in our planning meeting but, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Because Mayor Bozza is fast turning into Toad of Toad Hall and subject the the Rats in City Hall will surely shortly implode in a cacophoney ot "Toot-toots" as he careers off yet another road.
One of his key lieutenants, and they are fast becoming few, joins us tonight to discuss what looks like a glimmer of hope on the Mayor's horizon and that of the mullered Met. Slightly fewer of our young-folk are knifing one another and that is a genuine cause for celebration. How they did it, why it has taken so long and how costly it will be to make it stick will be among the isues we will explore with Kit Malthouse.
Childish chortling also broke out when it was confirmed that our special guest tonight, Ms Kate Winslet, had been nominated for two Golden Globes. I know and I am sorry but I am, at heart , a reporter and report I must. Lucy has been chatting to her at titanic length but it is worth every frame.
I am less drawn to The X Factor and the three finalsists who will fight it out for money and glory and a contract with Simon Cowell, come Saturday. Infact there are 6 of them, but four of them are "one" of them, if you follow me. Anyway, Robin has been reading the small print in their would-be contract should they succeed and it shows that if they win and go on to perform in a pub on the planet Pluto, Mr. Cowell will still be in for a slice of the action. Fascinating and what a lesson in life for them all?
There is lots more and the jury at the De Menezes inquest are still looking at their watches so tune in for the above and for a few surprises too.
The Oz and I hope you'll be there because we will be.
Alastair and Alex.
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