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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 26th November 2008

Hello, Good Afternoon and welcome to London Tonight... tonight.

Okay, who likes pantomime? I'm going to say it loud and say it proud... I love it. I accept there are those who don't. In fact, I accept there are those who loathe it. But I love it.

One of the reasons I love it is that it's uniquely British. Difficult to explain to a yank what makes it so appealing? Written down on paper, it all sounds a bit, well, 'odd'. Man dresses as a woman, girl dresses as a boy, audience shouts out "they're behind you" and "oh yes they are", everyone sings a song, the end. As I say... 'odd'.

So, what's the appeal for Steve Guttenberg? He's made some hugely successful Hollywood movies in his time... 'Police Academy', 'Cocoon', 'Short Circuit'... and yet, this Christmas, he's playing Baron Hardup in Bromley. Why? We'll find out when he chats to us live this evening.

Then there's McFly. Four young lads who've sold an awful lot of records. They're not appearing in a panto this year. They're appearing at Wembley tomorrow. Lucy's chatting to them.

What else do we have for you?

Our top story is the sentencing of a coach driver whose dangerous driving caused the death of three people on the M4/M25 junction at the beginning of the year. Philip Rooney was actually giving a safety announcement over the public address system at the time he tried to take a 40mph bend... at around 55mph. He pleaded guilty to all three charges and was sent to prison for 5 years. Our reporter was at court today and we'll hear from the daughter of one of those who died.

On a happier note, we've been out of the river for a look at some bridges. Not just any bridges. Not any more. 7 bridges spanning the Thames have today been awarded 'Grade II listed' status. (Experts on such matters will know that means you can't paint the door any colour you like or stick on an extension.) So which ones were they? The Albert Bridge, Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge. No. No. and No. Some of the choice might just raise your eyebrows.

Something else that might raise your eyebrows is the British Heart's Foundation's decision to encourage today's youngsters to pursue healthier lifestyles... through a new computer game. Players can invent their own characters and then feed them what they like... with all the consequences therein. "Wouldn't it be better to encourage the little lumps to get off their backsides and run around a bit"... you might think. Actually, we'll be asking what you do think a little later.

We'll also be asking which of two community projects deserves a People's Millions grant for up to fifty thousand pounds... as well as revealing the winner of yesterday's vote. While we're on the subject, were you watching last night's programme? Did you see the reaction from the 'Learn to Play Steelpan' group when they got their rather good news? Fabulous stuff - we think they're still cheering. So, more of that tonight.

We'll see you at SIX.

Ben & Alex