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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th November 2008

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th November 2008

Good Afternoon to you.

And we start by bringing you the shocking news that's not really ours to bring you.

Heard about John Sergeant? He's pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing. He says he wants to avoid a "bloody battle". I mean, really. What about all the people who paid money to vote for him to stay in every week. Well, the BBC say they'll reimburse anyone who did. I still feel a bit cheesed off. Probably because I can't dance for toffee.

Anyway, the ITV Evening News will have the full story on that at 6.30pm.

As for what we'll have in our half hour starting at 6.00pm...

Well, we start with the rather frightening news that a suspected murderer has escaped from a mental health unit in Wandsworth. A huge police operation has been launched to find John Claydon who made a run for it last night with another patient, John Slavin.  It's thought the pair of them might have had some help too. We'll show their pictures on the programme, of course... and, if you should see them, the message from the police is - don't approach them. Dial 999.

And, who's fed up with sitting in London traffic... day after day... week after week... year after year...? Well, if you are, now could be the time to start training for the Olympics because come 2012 if you're taking part you'll get to drive in special Olympic lanes dedicated to the greatest sports event in the world. Now, it may be that you're not really up for chucking a javelin or paddling a canoe but the good news is - you don't have to. You can get away with being an official (ie - stand on the sidelines and say 'Nah. do it again') and still get to use the nice clear lanes.  Of course, you might not be everyone else's best mate as you glide past the even-longer-than-usual traffic jams. Simon Harris will referee this particular problem.

We'll also be speaking to a record-breaking funny man (and trust me - he's funny)... Travelling to Paris to get one back at the French.. And looking ahead to a football match in Berlin where England would like a replay of that famous 2001 score-line 5:1. The trouble is all our team are off sick, so it's very much a B team going up against the Germans tonight. We'll speak to ITV commentator, Andy Townsend, to see what he makes of our chances.

Lots to get through.

See you at SIX,

Ben & Katie