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London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th November 2008

London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th November 2008

Afternoon ...
Katie here, I'm giving Al the afternoon off, though he will be joining me on the sofa at 6, thank the lord.
A packed show tonight, with the stand off continuing at Haringey Council, as locals and indeed councillors add to the clamour of questions and recriminations over who was to blame for the death of Baby P.  Ronke's got it covered.
The sound of hollow laughter from all of us blessed with a commute to work, as the combined forces of TfL, London Underground, and a whole host of train operators have got their collective christmas hats on, and announced, over a cheery mince pie, that they're shutting down over the festive season. They're effectively closing the transport network in the capital for at least 4 days from Christmas Day. No really, hardly any tubes or trains for days and days. Which when you remember what happened at Liverpool Street last year, is enough to make you reach for the cooking brandy.  Our very own christmas elf, Glen Goodman will have the details.
We've the latest on the tragic accident at the weekend which saw the drowning of a talented young lad from Reading. He was canoeing in Wales .. no one yet is quite sure what went wrong. Still more tragic deaths at the weekend from stabbings .. 3 killed, several injured, including one at the Urban Music Awards at the O2. We speak to Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor with responsibility for policing, and ask how he and Boris are going to stop this.
Kirstie's with us to talk property  - always a joy; and Phil's been to Watford to scope out what COULD be the scene of a certain Mr Barack Obama's first official visit to the UK. If the presence of the president-elect on the show isn't glamorous enough, then Lucy's been hanging out with Angelina Jolie, talking about her new film the Changeling.
Apparently some people think she's quite attractive ...... personally of course I'd rather hang out with Al and Robin, discussing the weather and our favourite tea time treats.
Which is exactly what I'm going to do now.
We'll see you at 6...