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Monday August 4th

Hello all,

Katie is off filming the tv series where she has to learn how to conduct an orchestra - so it's me and Alastair endeavouring to create our own small symphony of news for you tonight.

First up that terrible story of the alleged arson attack in Southwark. Ronke has been down there talking to the neighbours who battered down a door to rescue the little boy trapped with his mother. From what they have been telling her it seems as though his mother tried to protect him with her body, even as she was dying. Hear their harrowing account first hand.

Then a story we know has been directly affecting many of you - the collapse of the wedding list company Wrapit. Imagine: you get back from your wedding - your friends have all shelled out for presents and what do you receive? - absolutely zilch. We have been looking into what your rights are and how you might get compensated. And we also want to hear from YOU if your wedding list was with Wrapit.

And we are going down on the farm - not something we get a chance to do every day here on London Tonight. But it's exactly a year since Foot and Mouth hit Surrey and we wanted to update you on what life has been like since then for farmers whose herds were decimated. We also want to know if it could all happen again, so we will be asking the boss of the government lab there exactly what has changed in a year.

Then there are the chickens who are taking over London gardens, the West End theatres where the show definitely isn't going on and your last chance to see Al before he heads off to China and the Olympics - the lucky man.

See you at six,

Romilly and Al



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