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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 27th August

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 27th August

Good Afternoon,

At six o'clock tonight you'll get to see a very different programme to the one we started off with this morning, thanks to some Breaking News.

The jury in a very important case has come back with their verdicts so we can bring you the story. It involves a gun factory in a garden shed, weapons making their way onto London's streets AND proof that THOSE firearms were responsible for the deaths of at least 8 people in the Capital.

One of those killed was Michael Dosunmu, the teenager shot dead in his bed in a case of mistaken identity. Lewis Vaughan Jones has the reaction of Michael's family today. As I said - a very important case.


Then the story of a house fire in Woking that is unravelling into something more - you'll have to watch Liz Wickham's report for the details on that.

Now as a female journalist I proudly consider myself to be one of the nosiest busy bodies on the planet, something my husband will whole-heartedly agree with. So imagine my envy when I heard of Ruth Ive, who's job it was to listen in to wartime phone calls between Churchill and FDR. Not only that - but it was up to her to cut them off if they said anything that German eavesdroppers might have picked up on. Simply fascinating, as Ruth says she was an ordinary girl doing an extraordinary job. Well we think she's pretty remarkable - and you can judge for yourselves, as at the age of 93 she shares some of her incredible stories with Lucy Cotter.

Plus - former Blue band member Lee Ryan and ex-Eastender Lucy Benjamin join us for a chat in the studio about their West End debut together in a brand new play The Pretender Agenda.

It's a packed show - we hope to share it with you at 6.

Salma and Alastair