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Wednesday July 30th

Wednesday July 30th

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I was a young boy, I always thought that only children argued and that when you grew up, you just got on with people. Somewhat naive, I grant you, but every now and then I look back, sigh, and think "if only..."

I wonder what Sir Ian Blair is thinking about Boris Johnson today. It seems the Mayor's team has been looking into the possibility of hoofing Sir Ian out of his job - suspending him at least. E-mails, you see, have been leaked to a paper. London Tonight has seen them and, er, Boris... over to you.

A couple of court judgements make it into our running order tonight... the first deems that Hertfordshire police did not fall down in their duty to protect a young optician. Giles Van Coley's life, you see, had been threatened by a former employee. His car had been set on fire too. The police knew all about it. And then the former employee carried out his threat and killed Giles. Now, after one court said the cops didn't do their job properly, the House of Lords ruled today that they did.

Another court has ruled that the young man who hacked into all sorts of top secret American computer networks (we're talking the military and NASA) will be taking a trip to America to face what promises to be some pretty loud music.

If you were watching last night, you'll have seen the story about Reigh Boss - the young girl who lives in London but was visiting her Dad in America - who then abducted her and took her... who knows where. The Caribbean's the front runner, actually. We'll have the latest.

There's a lovely picture story - all the way from the end of the Central Line - a windmill gets it sails back.

And then finally - a premiere in Leicester Square.

All I'll say is the truth is out there... at SIX.

Ben & Romilly