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Monday 28th July

Monday 28th July

Afternoon - and welcome to the week.

First things first - they say you should never look back but... what a fantastic weekend, eh? The weather was just superb. I hope, even if you were working, you got at least five minutes to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.

And anyone lucky enough to spend every second outside - who's been whingeing about hot it is today - think about the poor souls who were working the weekend. And raise a glass of something bubbly to them. It's their turn today.

Of course, Chrissie will tell us what weather we can expect for the rest of the week - just in case you haven't had your day off yet.

Okay, there's more to life - and our programme - than the weather... So, here goes.

Have you ever been 'poked' on-line? I confess talk of such things makes me feel even older than I am. 'Poking' (no sniggering at the back) is when you send someone - a member of the networking website like Facebook or Bebo - a 'virtual' action. Like a virtual hug or a virtual kiss. (At this point, half those reading this will be saying "Get on with it, Grandad". The other half simply "Eh?".

Anyway, it's pretty harmless stuff - mostly. It appears there's another sort of online poke, where you send someone a 'shank'. That's slang for stab, in fact. Yes, people have been virtually stabbing online. Imagine if your family had lost someone to this hideous wave of knife crime that's sweeping across London. How would you feel if you knew people 'stabbed' each other on the internet?

Is it harmless fun? Is if more serious? You can tell us this evening.

We'll also have a report on some very worrying sounding house price figures... plus we'll be speaking to a former West Ham football hooligan who's now helped make a film about his life... and then - saving the best to last - we'll be hearing from a very naughty pensioner, who's local department stores is trying to ban him. Why...?

See you at SIX,

Ben & Katie