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Good Afternoon.

I am sorry I wasn't with you yesterday and I hope you missed me - even just a bit.

But certainly not as much as David Cameron is missing his bike. Now opinion is divided on this one - some think it is the funniest thing to happen to a pretentious toff since Lord Brocket got done for an insurance scam that involved hiding his priceless collection of Ferraris in a lake. Others think it is really bad luck that has befallen a nice bloke and just goes to show that, whoever you are and however high you rise, the bad-boys will have your bike away at the drop of a hat. Well not perhaps "hat" because DC keeps getting into to trouble for not wearing one when cycling; but, then again, if he's had his bike nicked he won't get into that secondary scrap so much, will he? Every cloud, and all that..

Lewis VJ, who is partial to the old velo-ped, has slipped his clips on and is in 1WP, (one Welshman Power) pursuit of the story, the thieves and the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition. He'll tread carefully with the line in this story involving Sharia law but you might want to give ear ; there is a worrying warning to tea-leafs, should the Once Nasty Party get round to forming a Government .

James Bond never knowingly rode a bike: of that I am sure. He drove Aston Martins, BMWs and Lotus's; push-bikes, never darkened his transportational horizon. We will, to be certain, scour the new "Quantum of Solace" incase there is a subliminal bit of 007 giving it plenty on the cotter pins and we'll let you know the results at 6.

And the kid who won Britain's Got Talent by dancing, brilliantly, and making us all cry when he collapsed into a pool of water, has landed a part in the West End.

Lucy is very excited and I am open to persuasion. Honest! Nina is certain you will all still care but I thought it was an odd result at the time and have moved on. I am glad he's landed on his feet and, on this occassion, in the dry. See what you think.

On the hard-news front, you'll want to know the latest from Crete and the young woman accused of killing her new-born baby in a hotel room. Marcus has been talking to all sorts of people and watching the news agency wires all afternoon as he thinks the woman in question will make a court appearance today. Find out if he is right at 6.

Robin was walking his Springer Spaniels in Cranleigh at the same time as a man set himself alight only for two brave bobbies to use theimselves as human-fire-blankets as rescue helecopters hovered over-head. Or so he says. I think he is just trying to get out of doing the weather and telling us today WAS summer and that, come, tomorrow, autumn beckons. Well, he has failed and will be with us at the end of the show making sense of a woman who treats her garden as Leonardo DaVinci used a canvas.

It will make sense, believe me, and you will be entralled.

There's lots more besides but I must press on. It always takes me time to get back into the swing after a day off and nothing in this life is forever, is it?

See you at 6.

Alastair and Nina.

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