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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 10th July

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 10th July
Hello you.
Well, how's this for a fine state of affairs...? We don't KNOW what we've got for you this evening.
We're working on an investigation which, if sufficient fruits are borne before the title music starts, will lead our programme. The thing is - these stories sometime need a little extra time, with the people involved sometimes needing a little, shall we say, 'extra persuasion'. Well, there's coaxing going on as we go to press.
Fear not, however, if the piece isn't ready for 6 o'clock tonight, we'll do our damnedest to make sure it's ready for 6 o'clock another night.
And if that does prove to be the case, rest assured, we won't be leading on the weather. We're in terribly good shape with lots of strong stories tonight.
As a country we should really be ashamed that having served our country in some of the most difficult and dengerous places around the world, one thousand former service personnel find themselves sleeping rough on London's streets every night. Well, there's a new venture which was launched this morning which should give ex-servicemen and women a second chance in life.
Then there's the story of a young lad who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Ozzie lives in a council flat with his Mum and young sister. Sometimes, because of ADHD, he's a little rough with his sister and because they share a room, there aren't many places for her to find a safe haven. What's more, the flat is on the fourth floor and, on more than one occasion, Ozzie's Mum - Gillian - has found him climbing over the balcony. Now, you'd have thought their's was a pretty obvious case for re-housing. The council says they'll have to wait. Tonight, we're on Ozzie's side.
Okay - Oxford Circus. Some people's idea of London, London, London. Others' idea of hell, hell, hell. Not least when you have to cross the road there.
We're also on board HMS Belfast after the ship's mascot - one much-loved moggie called Kilo - was thrown overboard. Nasty people - three of them, the police reckon. There are CCTV pictures of them.
On a lighter note, we're talking to Alicia Keys and soapstar turned musicman, Richard Fleeshman.
Something for everyone then - at SIX.
Ben & Katie