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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 26th June

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 26th June
Good Afternoon to you.
All well with you and yours, we hope.
There's been a bit of talk about movies here this afternoon. Kids films in particular. Personally, I love 'Finding Nemo'. Our programme editor, Faye jumped up and down over 'Monsters Inc' and 'A Bug's Life' while Salma goes for 'Jungle Book'. Interestingly, her husband says she IS the character Dory from 'Finding Nemo' - forgetul, somewhat excitable, not very good at 'I spy'. Judge for yourself, viewers.
Anyway, what kicked off that chat is the fact that we're at the premiere of 'Kung Fu Panda' in Leicester Square tonight. It's a film about... a panda doing judo. Just kidding. Among the stars lending their voices (for a fiver or two) Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black and Lucy Liu. Lewis Vaughan Jones will be there too. Imagine Lucy Liu's excitement.
There's more showbiz too - with a preview of a rather HUGE concert in Hyde Park tomorrow night. Just so you know it'll be on ITV1 - in case you weren't offered a ticket. It's all in aid of a living legend, one Nelson Mandela, who is 90 years old. And to help him celebrate, the names on the bill include... Simple Minds, Queen, Annie Lennox, Leona Lewis... not bad, not bad. And our guide to the preparations this evening is Kevin Adams - he of 'Fame Academy'.
On the slightly weightier side of the news scale, we'll be looking at hospitals, the Met and embassies.
It seems one of the admin teams at the Barts and the London NHS trust have been pulling a bit of a fast one with their waiting list numbers. Someone blew the whistle, Barts said sorry... after18 months.
On the Met front, one of the force's top cops, Tariq Ghaffur has claimed that he suffered racial discrimination and is taking legal advice on whether he should take it up with Sir Ian Blair.
And, as regards embassies, it turns out a number of their staff here in London are refusing to pay parking fines or the congestion charge. We've mentioned this before but the collective backlog now stands at over 10 MILLION pounds. Should they pay? Shouldn't they pay? Will you text? Will you e-mail?
Oh, and we've also sent Liz Wickham down to one of the high street's Top shops with some old clothes she doesn't want anymore, where - for one day only - she's been able to swap them with someone else who brought theirs. We ASSUME they draw the line at pants. Well, would you?
And together with some live advice on how to tackle the headaches brought on by our country's ailing economy (part 4 of 'London: Feeling the Pinch')... we'll wrap all that up for you at SIX.
Ben & Salma