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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 14th May

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 14th May

Good afternoon.

Ever been stopped and searched? At airports, it's not that unusual. Going to concerts, even, we've got used to it. And, as you know, if you don't get the barcode swiped properly in lots of shops, all hell breaks out with bells, sirens and serious embarrassment all round the wicket. But if you are a young black man it is more likely to happen to you on the high street than if you are a young white man. Or woman.

When Commissioner of the Met, Paul Condon, more than a decade ago, famously said "most crime in London is committed by young black men" the proverbial hit the fan ,but it was true. It just wasn't very sensitive nor helpful because it addressed the number of cases, and NOT the causes. For two days on London Tonight we've been exploring what is happening in post-Ken London to address law and order. Boris wants more stop and search. One side screams "Yes!" whilst the other screams "No!"

Tonight we explore those polar opposites and invite you to give your views.


In the view of French anarchist Pierre Joseph Proudhon " all property is theft". I don't agree with that but have a certain sympathy with the landlords of Hounslow who are not accusing their tenants of theft, but are saying a troubling number of them are turning maisonettes and bijou flats into dope factories. There may be a large number of coppers in that splendid borough wandering around this afternoon in a slightly smiley haze, humming Pink Floyd ditties, because the bobby in charge said the warm whiff of cannabis wafted over them as they raided said properties today. It is an amazing tale of fiddled electricity meters, massive overhead lamps and sky-lights where sky-lights didn't ought to be. For younger viewers: roaches are a problem but not as older viewers are thinking! And although property law says that possession is nine-tenths of the law, we are not talking about that sort of possession.

Brain Damage from The Dark Side of The Moon at 6. You'll Wish You Were Here....


Tim Coulson was possessed of remarkable bravery and presence of mind when he discovered he had survived the Edgware Road Tube bomb. Instead of beating a hasty yet understandable retreat, he leant a hand and helped rescue many people. He gets a gong for that today and we are pleased and proud to honour his honour.

It is one of those odd figures of speech but there is no honour in "honour killings". Tonight we have two powerful and moving personal tales of how a misguided belief can wreak havoc on innocent lives.

Jack the Ripper mysteriously did just that to a number of not-so-innocent street walkers more than a hundred years ago. But the sins of the wayward girls in no way excused his vicious and brutal crimes. More written about, filmed, debated and even imitated, than any other, the crime remains unsolved. The clues have long been thought to exist in secret Scotland Yard files. Do they? Find out at 6.


Chelsea hope to scale the heights in Moscow next week - we've a preview... And Robin scales the heights of some seriously useful green mounds on the A40. Yes, that's what I though too when the delicious Faye, currently slumped back in her chair and saying her head is about to explode like a Volcano, told me that was where he was going.  


I remain confused but intrigued, which is just how I hope I leave you in full expectation of your company at 6, for a full and frank explanation of all the above, and more.


Alastair and Katie.