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Dear All,

We-hope-you-are-well-and-looking-forward to... stuff this. IT'S FRIDAY!

We've got one of the hottest acts on the music scene tonight... and a former world champion boxer... and a gorilla. You won't even get that on 'Britain's Got Talent'. Except perhaps on the judges' panel.

The former world champion comes in the form of Mike Tyson. Now, if this was a pantomime (oh no, it isn't) there'd be boos and hisses at this point. Mike Tyson, the man who bit off more than he could chew.. from someone's ear. And he was convicted of rape.

So, is this the sort of man you'd pay lots of money to hear giving a public talk? Is this the sort of man who should be giving talks for cash anyway? Lots of people have handed over their money for an 'Evening with Mike Tyson' in Loughton tonight. Lots of other people aren't happy about it. But before you start jumping up and down - save it, and send us an email later.

Now, what you doin' tonight? Fancy going to a party? It's 'bring a bottle'. And it's underground. On the tube actually. You may well have seen adverts on the internet. Some would say the parties planned for the Circle Line this weekend are a suitable send-off for 'boozing on the tube' - ahead of the ban, coming into force on Sunday. Transport for London's not impressed though. Neither are the unions.

What you mustn't do is go to one of these parties (any party actually), drink yourself silly, then head home to the internet and... start looking for a date. Lord KNOWS who you might end up with. I mean - there are some real gorillas out there. Actually, there's one fewer now after a big beefy male called Damisi (formerly of Paignton Zoo) found his true love at Chessington Zoo. What I want to know is what he put down on his profile.. Favourite Film? 'Planet of the Apes', one imagines. No - 'Gorillas in the Mist'.

Beth Rowley may well have a new favourite film - the one she's just contributed a song to - 'The Edge of Love'. It stars Sienna Miller and Keira Knightly. Beth's having a rare old busy time at the moment. Debut album charting at No6 with a UK tour coming up to boot. Have you heard her voice? Personally, I think it's simply fabulous. You make your mind up for yourselves - we'll play a bit and chat to Beth later.

And Mr King will tell us what he thinks of 'Sex and the City' on the big screen. Once again, Salma's terribly excited. (If you're interested, she gave Indiana's 4th outing a 'thumbs up'). Still it's up to you. Take it. Leave it. I know what I'll do, thanks.

With more news, What Not to Miss and the weather... all together now...


See you at SIX.

Ben & Salma