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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 27th February

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 27th February
So, did the earth move for you..?
Or did you sleep through the biggest earthquake London's suffered for almost 25 years? Oh alright, 'suffered' is perhaps not the right word. While some poor chap in Barnsley got hit by a falling chimney, the extent of London's damage was not exactly biblical; someone said her glass cabinet rattled a bit. Still - makes a change from getting woken up by some drunk walking past your window singing 'My Way'.
(Sorry to go off on a tangent here, but our programme editor keeps singing this afternoon. Not 'My Way' thankfully but numbers from Grease and Mamma Mia. It's because she's been clipping bits of them out for an interview with the Evening Standard's critic this evening. He wasn't very kind about either of the shows... or, indeed, a number of others. Now he's written his own play which opens tonight. Brave man.)
Okay, where were we? Well, heading down to Westminster actually, after another protest against Heathrow's expansion plans. This time it was 'Plane Stupid' demonstrators (that's the name of their group, by the way) grabbing the headlines by climbing onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament. They don't want a 3rd runway at Heathrow you see. But people aren't talking about that so much as the fact people got passed Westminster security... again.
On the subject of security and 'keeping safe', we've got a couple of other stories this evening:
An increasing number of young men - and it does tend to be young men - are turning to dogs to keep them safe. Not friendly bow-wows who bark when someone comes to the house, dogs who are trained to attack and injure other people. 'Forget guns and knives' one youth worker told us, 'guns are the 2008 weapon of choice'. We hear from one chap tonight telling us why.
Can you believe that half of London's drivers still send text messages while they're at the wheel. What's wrong with these people? Are they selfish? Stupid? Or do they believe 'it'll never happen to' them? Well, we'll hear from a lady who nearly died after being hit by a driver on the phone... to see if we can't convince them.
Plus there'll be a tour round the new London Bridge exhibition (terribly hi-tech)... and, oh, just join us at six and you'll see.
Ben & Katie